Our Future

We are committed to being a good steward of the environment and regularly evaluate our operations to make continuous improvements.


As part of SanMar’s commitment to sustainability, we are taking steps to reduce emissions in our facilities and supply chain.

Science-Based Targets

SanMar signed on to the Science Based Targets initiative to set an ambitious, company-wide target to cut carbon emissions in line with climate science.

Energy and Water

SanMar continues to strive to reduce our energy and water use wherever possible through careful measurement and continuous improvement in our facilities and processes.

Energy Use

Since we began tracking and reporting on our energy use, several initiatives have been implemented, including smart LED lighting in our warehouses and efficiency improvements to the HVAC system in our home office.

Water Use

We strive to reduce domestic water use by installing water-efficient fixtures, monitoring devices for early leak detection and water-efficient landscaping.

Waste Reduction

Understanding and improving what we do with materials at the end of their useful life is just as important as reducing our resource usage when they are created.

Over the years we have implemented several initiatives to reduce and keep waste out of landfill. From providing recycling and compost options at our home office to packaging reduction efforts at our distribution centers, we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. In 2023, we focused on recycling and repurposing many kinds of waste both at our corporate headquarters and in our distribution centers.


To move away from the cycle of “take-make-waste,” we are committed to finding circular product solutions which address the impact of our products beyond their useful life. In 2023 we created and shared resources to help both our customers and the end users of our products responsibly dispose of textiles, and collaborated as an Accelerating Circularity System Trial Partner.

SanMar’s Textile Recycling Referral Program

We have developed a decision tree as a resource for ourselves and for our customers, to help determine how to recycle or dispose of products in a responsible way. We also work with Looptworks, a certified B Corp focused on reducing waste in the textile industry since 2009.

“SanMar is in a unique position to make environmental progress. Being a family-owned, vertically-integrated business enables us to move quickly and decisively to make investments that not only reduce our impact, but make good business sense.”

Paul Whyatt

Chief Financial Officer