Letter from Jeremy

Partners and Friends,

In 2019 SanMar launched our new company vision, Canvas for Good, with the belief that our products are more than just t-shirts. They can serve a greater purpose to inspire belonging and bring communities together. In doing so, we recognize our role to ensure our products make a positive impact on people and planet. We remain as committed as ever to our vision of creating a Canvas for Good, with new initiatives to support our employees and supply chain partners, efforts to reduce our environmental impact, and our steadfast focus on serving our customers. I am excited to share some of our stories.

This year, SanMar came together in ways that truly inspired me. From quickly answering the call for personal protective equipment to creating an employee assistance fund that supported those going through hardship, I was proud to watch how everyone adapted and pivoted during challenging times. It has reminded me that our strength lies in unity and working together for the common good. As we look towards the future, we will continue to explore ways to support our employees and our communities. 

One initiative that I’m particularly proud of is the establishment of our Diversity and Inclusion Council. With a focus on cultivating an inclusive work environment, the council will foster a diverse and high-performing workforce that reflects and values all aspects of our human diversity. We are being very intentional about our efforts, taking a thoughtful approach to the creation of the council and developing our strategy. I look forward to sharing more in the coming year. 

We also recognize how relationships with our supply chain partners are absolutely essential to our growth and health as a company. We continue to expand our programming to uphold the highest standards and support our suppliers in providing safe and healthy workplaces and reducing their environmental impact. They are our partners in innovation, working with our product creation teams to bring new, more sustainable products to market. It is exciting to see what we are achieving together.

We are always looking for new ways to improve and understand there is still work to be done. As we envision new and different ways to create a Canvas for Good, for the betterment of people and planet, we are committed to listening and learning. We are seeking out ways to expand our work and increase our impact. I would love to hear your thoughts about our corporate responsibility efforts and what’s important to you. Thank you for being part of our story.

All the best,
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Jeremy Lott
President & CEO