Our Progress, Together

“Together, we have weathered unique challenges. In the face of it all, SanMar has remained devoted to creating the best products, ethically and sustainably.”
– Jeremy Lott, President of SanMar –

2021 has been an eventful year for SanMar. After 50 years of doing business, we took a renewed focus on the founding principles that have been with us since the beginning: Be Nice and Tell the Truth. Our Corporate Responsibility Report is one way this mission takes shape.

Since launching our first Corporate Responsibility Report in 2017, we’ve made annual updates to share progress on our original goals and identify new opportunities to make a difference and positively impact lives. This year’s update continues that tradition and looks at the accomplishments and lessons of the last year through the lens of people, planet and product.

Our People Inspire Us

It’s no accident that people come first in this year’s update. If the last year has taught us anything, it is that meaningful progress can only happen one way: together.

Our People Inspire Us

Diversity & Inclusion
Our IDEA Council speaks to SanMar’s intention to foster an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace with a priority for action. Founded in 2020, their progress continued this year to raise awareness of identity in the workplace and to cultivate an inclusive community at SanMar.

Training & Development
We continue to support our employees in remote work environments, both professionally and personally. More than 1,000 SanMar employees participated in unique learning opportunities, including skills-based offerings and personal well-being courses.

Responsible Sourcing
By engaging with organizations such as Better Buying, the Fair Labor Association and Amader Kotha, we are making our business practices more transparent than ever and are working to support the individuals making our products both in the United States and around the world.

Our Planet is Our Future

Being a good steward of the environment is more important than ever, which is why we are constantly looking inward to assess our operations and make positive changes.

Science-Based Targets
In April, SanMar made their climate commitment official and began the process of setting a science-based target for reducing carbon emissions. We are now collecting the necessary data in preparation for submitting our target for approval.

Measuring Our Impact
We measure our energy usage, emissions and water usage to identify opportunities for improvement. While we’re seeing progress, we know that there is more work to do. 

Measuring Our Impact

Our Product Elevates Lives

Every choice we make matters. From design and development to sourcing and manufacturing, when we do these things well we positively impact lives.

Reducing Our Impact
We strive to make sustainable choices across the lifecycle of our products, from how they are manufactured to the materials that go into making them. We are proud to work with factories who share this commitment.

Reducing Our Impact

Carbon Neutrality
We’re excited to introduce SanMar’s first line of carbon neutral apparel. These C-FREE styles are made to have a lower carbon footprint through the use of recycled content. We’re then further neutralizing their impact with Carbonfree certification. By purchasing carbon offsets, we are removing an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere in the environment.

People, planet and product. These are not destinations, but guideposts on SanMar’s journey of continuous improvement. They lead the way as we continue the work to have a positive impact in the communities where we do business, both near and far.

To learn more, please download the full 2021 Corporate Responsibility Update.