Factory Spotlight: Vietnam

Making a difference is an important part of SanMar’s culture and our family values. We strive to make a difference in the work we do every day and in our communities across the U.S. We also look for partners in our supply chain who make a difference in their communities around the world. We have found that in our supplier in Vietnam.

They are committed to creating a happy enterprise, promoting social welfare, holding themselves to high standards of corporate governance and protecting the environment. Their motto, “We Better the World,” is woven through their company culture and their corporate social responsibility efforts. 

A focus on education and supporting employees

In addition to training and development opportunities for employees, they are also committed to providing educational opportunities for the next generation. The facilities in Vietnam have set up a scholarship program for the children of employees who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.

When possible the support of the facility’s employees goes to a personal level. In order to give employees a comfortable environment both at work and at home the supplier has been known to arrange to rebuild or reinforce the homes of their workers. Some workers live in thatched cottages that require constant upkeep and maintenance. The facility may arrange to help to reinforce or rebuild the homes of their workers with brick or concrete to enable them to have proper shelter.

A commitment to sustainable development

Our supplier aligned their corporate responsibility efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. They are committed to protecting the environment, investing in energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions. Since 2008, they have been making improvements to their facilities to reduce energy consumption. They have installed upgraded motors to machinery, which can save up to 70% on electricity. Old light tubes have been replaced with LED lamps and a water cooling system has been installed in the buildings to keep them cool while also saving energy.  

The facilities in Vietnam are using the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s (SAC) Higg Index to assess their environmental performance and identify opportunities for improvement. The Higg Facility Environmental Module quantifies a facility’s performance on a number of environmental topics, including energy, water, waste and chemicals. As a member of the SAC, SanMar is using the data provided in their module to work together to uncover ways to reduce our environmental impact.