Who Do You Finish the Run For?

David Forster Jr. was the kind of person who paused during his busy days to truly appreciate the small things. When he passed away unexpectedly during a training run, a group of David’s running buddies wanted to do the same, take pause and appreciate their remarkable friend. “We want to finish that run for David.”

Lifting Healthcare Workers Spirits in Texas

When COVID-19 first began to impact communities, the team at Paris Print Works team saw the daily sacrifice healthcare workers were making for others. “They were the essential workers who were in the midst of testing and caring for patients.”

Humor and Hope in the Fast Lane

Stitch98, a full-service embroidering and screen printing shop, is no stranger to “fun.” Established in 2007 in Mooresville, North Carolina, the shop is located in the heart of the motorsport industry. Many of their clients are top-level professional teams, which means Stitch98 is used to creating fun-inspired logos and products that generate excitement (such as […]

Helping Kids Believe in Themselves, One Wakeboard at a Time

Julius Bloomston grew up going to Alabama’s Lewis Smith Lake. It’s where he feels at home—it’s in his blood. So when the opportunity arose for him to put his passion to work for a good cause, he jumped at the opportunity. “I read in a publication about this organization that provides a day on the […]

More than Swag: Turning Bystanders into Upstanders

In 2015, Debbie Cwalina read an article about the damaging effects of cyberbullying, and it lit a fire in her soul. She was able to do something with that passion when she joined her local Rotary Club and met others who shared her enthusiasm. “I asked, ‘What can we do to help students safely defuse […]

T-shirts and Strength in the Sunshine State

By the time Hurricane Irma crashed into Cudjoe Key, Florida, in 2017, it had already been declared the strongest storm the Atlantic Ocean had ever seen. Irma’s winds clocked in at 185 miles per hour for a sustained 37 hours; an unofficial wind gust was recorded as powerful as 199 miles per hour. Those numbers […]