Who Do You Finish the Run For?

David Forster Jr. was the kind of person who paused during his busy days to truly appreciate the small things. When he passed away unexpectedly during a training run, a group of David’s running buddies wanted to do the same, take pause and appreciate their remarkable friend. “We want to finish that run for David.”

Cowboy Up Against Cancer

As a rider and trainer of horses in Colorado, Mike Brashear is a cowboy to the core. His answer to the news that he had leukemia was to confront it with a positive attitude and the support of his community.

Humor and Hope in the Fast Lane

Stitch98, a full-service embroidering and screen printing shop, is no stranger to “fun.” Established in 2007 in Mooresville, North Carolina, the shop is located in the heart of the motorsport industry. Many of their clients are top-level professional teams, which means Stitch98 is used to creating fun-inspired logos and products that generate excitement (such as […]

Together As One

Standing Together In times like this, when the time we can spend with friends, family and colleagues is limited, we rediscover the precious nature of that time. We learn anew how important being together really is. Perhaps that’s why Quali T’s “Together As One” fundraising campaign resonates so well right now. It’s not just a […]

Print It Forward

When Atomic Threads started their fundraising campaign in response to the pandemic, they applied the principle of paying it forward to the goal of supporting local businesses.

Plant Your Flag – Here For Good 605

EASW’s campaign is built on a simple principle: sell shirts promoting local businesses with half the proceeds going back to support those same businesses.

A Rallying Cry For the New Normal

“This wasn’t part of the plan.” As a business owner, you can spend a lot of time worrying about things that never happen. How do you react, then, when things do go wrong? What do you do when social distancing, closed doors, and the Coronavirus pandemic become the new normal for everyone? For Brendan Pape, […]

Climbing Kilimanjaro to Save Lives

When Karin Cassidy, owner of Impact Promotional Products in Lake Elsinore, California, heard that one of her clients was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for people living with a rare blood disorder called hemophilia, she immediately sprung into action. “My client, Wendie Chadd, and her son both live with the bleeding disorder,” […]

Inspired by Survivors: Shirts for a Cure

Nearly a century ago, Walter Emerson founded W.S. Emerson Company Inc., then a wholesale apparel company. In the early 1930s the Vickery family acquired the business, and it’s still a family-owned and operated business today. The company has expanded over the years from wholesale apparel to branded and promotional products. “I began working in the […]