Getting Into Gear For Healthcare Workers

For more than 25 years, Charlotte, North Carolina-based Logo’d Gear has seemingly found nothing on which they can’t put a logo. But as with so many other companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the promo industry slowed down as the need for personalized swag slowed.

Logo’d Gear kept busy and found a way to encourage people to be safe while helping frontline healthcare workers. They put a special logo on some of their t-shirts to encourage people to stay home during pandemic. All of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts went to buying masks for healthcare workers in retirement homes, nursing homes and smaller medical facilities that didn’t have the resources of larger hospitals.

The shirts featured a cute illustrated dog wearing glasses and the words “SIT, HOOMAN! STAY! #SocialDistancingSavesLives.” Sandi Baginski, Assistant Office Manager and Graphic Designer at Logo’d Gear designed the shirt. She took a unique approach to the message saying the phrase is a play on words from a dog’s perspective talking to a human.

“This design was just our interpretation of what our pets may say to us in their own language to encourage us to ‘Stay Safe at Home’ and to social distance,” Sandi said.

To date, they have donated 126 KN95 masks to organizations like, a local grassroots movement in Charlotte that supports frontline healthcare workers. They have plans to make more donations to other organizations as well.