Factory Spotlight: Sri Lanka

We love working with suppliers who share our values and have found a valued partner in our supplier in Sri Lanka. Hirdaramani is family-owned and operated, and for four generations they have championed better business practices with the belief that “doing the right thing makes good business sense.” Through their efforts, they are leading the way in promoting the well-being of their workforce and environmental sustainability.


In all of Hirdaramani’s facilities they are “investing in happiness” through their WOW (Wonders of Wellbeing) program. The program was developed with a goal of building healthy, wealthy, happy and meaningful lives through a variety of initiatives that aim to promote economic, relational, physiological, mental and environmental well-being.

Healthy food is a focus of one such initiative. They implemented healthy menus that are low in sugar and oil. It was coupled with education on a healthy diet, providing nutritional facts and healthy recipes featuring fruits and vegetables. Many employees have taken this knowledge home to share with their loved ones. Other initiatives have focused on financial management by instilling the practice of saving and growing their money. They have also focused on gender awareness to promote healthy relationships in the workplace. 

The learning programs are delivered by well-being champions from across the organization – not just from one team or department. Well-being is fully integrated in the organization and is engrained in their business strategy.  


The four pillars of Hirdaramani’s sustainability strategy are planet, people, product and community. From renewable energy to water savings, they are a proven leader in environmental sustainability. In May 2019 they achieved net zero status for greenhouse gases for energy use. They reached this important milestone through a combination of energy efficient facilities and investments in hydro, wind and solar renewable energy sources. 

Across Sri Lanka more than 21,400 solar panels are installed on their sites. Their facilities in the region house 14 LEED certified units, six of which are in Sri Lanka, as well as Asia’s first carbon neutral facility. Through practices such as evaporative cooling and LED lighting, their carbon neutral facility uses about 48% less energy than a factory of the same size.

SanMar is proud to support Hirdaramani’s commitment to sustainability and we are inspired by the bold steps they are taking to make a positive impact on our planet. One of their core values is to love what you do. We couldn’t agree more.