Factory Spotlight: Honduras


We know that our impact – and our responsibility – reaches beyond our four walls, which is why we are proud to work with our supply chain partner in Honduras. Elcatex Group has been at the cutting edge of sustainability since its founding. On a mission to “lead, care, and make a difference”, they are a champion of the environment, community, and Honduras.


From renewable energy operations to efficient processes within their textile facilities, Elcatex has taken a holistic, innovative and local approach to addressing the most urgent environmental issues. Energy projects include the generation of electricity using biomass and biogas derived from locally-sourced king grass. This green source of 24-hour electricity is further enhanced through the installation of the largest solar array in Latin America on the roofs of their extensive industrial park complex. Inside the facilities, efficient processes and investment in emerging technologies have allowed Elcatex to reduce their per unit water usage, beating the industry average, and minimizing chemical consumption. In addition, their commitment to sustainable chemistry is demonstrated by their Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and effective treatment of wastewater at their water treatment plant.


As a pillar of the community, Elcatex is committed not only to creating opportunity and a positive, collaborative work environment for their employees, but giving back to their community as well. They have a robust corporate social responsibility program in place. Examples of some of the ways they support their employees include continuing education and vocational training opportunities, providing access to health care with special events and offerings extended to family members, and several holiday and other special events throughout the year. In the broader community Elcatex supports several community organizations: a bilingual school created to provide children from low-income families with a first-rate education, a boys and girls orphanage, and a hospice center. They are also SanMar’s partner in bringing the Touching Hands Project to San Pedro Sula, which provides life-changing hand surgeries and treatment to patients who need it most. SanMar and Elcatex regularly coordinate to support brigades of hand surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and hand therapists to the Ruth Paz Hospital. Treatment is available to anyone in the community, free of charge.


As a leader in the textiles industry in Central America, Elcatex is committed to Honduras’ growth as a sourcing destination in the region. Seeking to boost the competitiveness of the Honduran textile industry, Elcatex expanded their already broad textile and garment production operations, by investing in a newly built polyester filament yarn plant named Utexa. This move allows for the growth and development of high quality synthetic fabrics and garments in Central America and the United States, creating jobs and bolstering the local economy. Like Elcatex, Utexa was built with innovation and sustainability in mind, generating solar power from photovoltaic panels on the roof and offering recycled polyester yarns and yarns that inherently reduce the water, chemicals and energy used in the production of garments. While economic growth and job creation are critical issues, Elcatex also recognized that safe housing was an important problem to solve. In response they’ve supported the building of a large scale housing community designed to provide safe, affordable housing in a healthy community with amenities such as sports and recreation areas, easy access to transit, and education and childcare centers. Deeply committed to the environment, community and country, Elcatex is making a difference in all that they do.